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Small water saving measures to help you save big on bills

Five Simple Ways to Cut Your Water Bill

We could all do a little more to curb our water usage, whether we're motivated by concern for the environment or a desire to shrink our water bills. Here are five places around the house where you could save some water:

1) Washing machine.

Many machines allow you to choose a load size, and then the machine fills with a corresponding amount of water. Shopping for a new model? Select one that's Energy Star certified.

2) Dishwasher.

Again, look for the Energy Star certification, but also make sure the appliance offers a light wash option, which uses less water. New dishwasher not in the cards? Only run yours when full to save on water.

3) Toilet.

Commodes with the WaterSense label use 60 percent less water per flush than traditional toilets. On older models, check to make sure the flapper closes properly, a common source of water leaks.

4) Showerhead.

For a fast fix, take shorter showers in lieu of baths. A low-flow showerhead can up the ante, reducing both your water bill and electric bill (because there's less water to heat).

5) Sprinklers.

Automated sprinkler systems allow you to program a schedule based on local watering restrictions. Models with Wi-Fi connectivity can adjust that schedule based on weather forecasts.

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