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Is Your Home Prepared for a Natural Disaster?

Be prepared in the event of a natural disaster

Natural disasters can strike without warning. Take steps to prepare in the event that your home is impacted by a flood, hurricane, tornado or any other unexpected event. Use these four steps to assemble your disaster-readiness plan:

1) Ask yourself the big questions.

How will you receive emergency alerts and warnings? Where will you shelter in your home? Where would you go in the event of an evacuation? How will you communicate with family members?

2) Use a template to formulate a family plan.

A variety of templates for disaster planning can be found at the websites for the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and the American Red Cross.

3) Take stock of special needs.

When creating your plan, consider the ages of your family members, whether children will be coming from a school instead of home, medical and dietary needs, languages spoken, and the needs of your pets.

4) Practice the plan.

Make sure everyone in your family, down to the youngest members, knows the plan and their responsibilities.

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