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Create a calendar for worry-free home maintenance.

Your step-by-step guide to regular home maintenance.

Regular maintenance is an important contributor to the value of your home. The following steps will help you create an actionable maintenance calendar, so you feel confident your home is being cared for and kept in the best condition possible.

1. Make a list of what needs regular maintenance. Walk through the house and yard and jot it all down on a list. Write down small things like weeding the garden beds and big things like cleaning the chimney.

2. Take your list and decide how often each chore needs to be done. Air filters may need to be changed monthly, but windows may only need to be cleaned twice a year.

3. Meet with your family and determine who will perform each task. Are the kids going to mow the lawn? Is your spouse on board? Have you divided up the chores equally? Will you pay your kids for these tasks and, if so, how much? Consider which maintenance items require a pro.

4. Schedule your maintenance and set reminders on your phone. If you can auto-schedule maintenance such as AC and furnace checkups, call to set that up now.

Simple tips like these can create a happier, healthier and more valuable home. Thank you for thinking of us for all of your real estate needs, and be sure to share our contact information with anyone you know of looking to buy, sell or invest in a home.

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